School Facts

Ashton High School est. in 1906

North Fremont HS est. in 1951

New school completed in 2004

Accredited since 1931

Accreditation by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and AdvancED valid through June 30, 2021.   Most recent on-site accreditation visit was March 2017.

Grades Served:  6-12

Current Enrollment: 326

  • Middle School: 145
  • High School: 181


  • 22 teachers
  • 1 counselor
  • 1 principal


  • 2 secretaries
  • 4 paraprofessionals
  • 3 kitchen staff
  • 4 custodians
  • 1 maintenance

Average Daily Attendance:  95.1%

Graduation Rate: 95.2%

NF Summer Entry


Ashton’s first school was built in 1906.  It was located on the site of the current Ashton Elementary School.  It accommodated grades 1through 12.

A new building was eventually needed and North Fremont High School,containing grades 9 through 12, came on line in 1951.  In 1974, a new auditorium and four classrooms to house the seventh and eighth grades were added.

In 2001 the patrons of school district 215 passed a bond to build anew high school.  In 2004, at a cost of 9.4 million dollars, the building that is now North Fremont Middle/High School was completed.  In2006, the sixth grade was moved from Ashton Elementary School into the new building.  Sixth, seventh, and eighth grades make up North Fremont Middle School.

The building has a configuration of an H on its side.  The front hall houses most of the senior high classes as well as the administrative and counseling offices.  The center of building is the library. The middle school is located primarily in the back hallway near the resource room,  ceramics room,  and music department.  This hallway also includes an  auditorium that holds approximately 500 people, a lunchroom with space for 260 students, and a commons area.  A  gymnasium with a1,200 person seating capacity, including an elevator which allows handicapped students access to  the second floor,  completes the back hall.  There are also 2 computer labs containing 24 computers each.  Ten more computers are housed in the library.  An IEN distance learning classroom was installed in the fall of 2011.

The campus also includes an agriculture classroom and work area.  A greenhouse is  located next to that classroom.  Housed in the same building as agriculture department is the art room and the wood shop. The campus also includes an auxiliary gymnasium and a bus shop/storage facility.  Outdoor athletic facilities include a football field and supporting bleachers, a soccer field, and a large grassy area with ample room for other outdoor activities.  Parking is also available for up to500 cars.  Primary student parking is located in the rear while faculty parking is reserved in the east and west lots.  Guest parking lots are located in the front of the building.